A Mallorcan Vineyard Village!


We have fallen in love with another amazing place in Mallorca! This vineyard village has the essence of times past with every modern amenity. Even in February it is beautiful and accommodating. The large gardens, the village centre and the excellent party room are top spots for events, and the wines are wonderful! If hobbits […]

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Fiesta In Palma – Again!


Did anyone think party time in Mallorca was over after the Three Kings on January 5th? No, we have just got started! With the patron saint of farm animals, St Anthony, just being celebrated in Palma we now head for the biggest celebration of all – San Sebastian! It’s sunny and beautiful in Palma with […]

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Lucia and Light


Europe is supposed to be at its darkest around the 13th of December. In Mallorca we don’t feel deprived of the light – we still have so much sunshine. When the Swedes celebrate the Saint Lucia at Plaza Cort in Palma to celebrate the light, we all love to join in, however. They say it […]

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Palma Christmas Lights

It’s time to rejoice! Mallorca is full of daylight sunshine and after hours lights as well! The Christmas lights are up and we are all ready to bask in its glory!!! By now you will already know that Mallorca is the place to be!!! Luckily, our Christmas lighting will make all this even more crystal […]

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Rural Bliss


Many, many of you will have heard of the five star hotel in Deià called La Residencia. As it happens, we can offer a lovely villa to rent that was designed by the architect at the La Residencia hotel. For a week you would have your very own La Residencia and enjoy top catering and […]

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Mallorca Light


The darkness of some world events make us long for the light. Mallorca is filled with it – may it remain so forever. We mourn the victims of atrocity. The world is an increasingly dangerous placeto be in – so we must all try to find peace. This November Mallorca enjoyed endless days of sunshine, […]

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