Lucia and Light


Europe is supposed to be at its darkest around the 13th of December. In Mallorca we don’t feel deprived of the light – we still have so much sunshine. When the Swedes celebrate the Saint Lucia at Plaza Cort in Palma to celebrate the light, we all love to join in, however. They say it […]

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Palma Christmas Lights

It’s time to rejoice! Mallorca is full of daylight sunshine and after hours lights as well! The Christmas lights are up and we are all ready to bask in its glory!!! By now you will already know that Mallorca is the place to be!!! Luckily, our Christmas lighting will make all this even more crystal […]

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Conference Week


We are experiencing a lovely time with of lots of conference groups at the moment! Some of the fun activities our groups did last week after long days of hard work were to enjoy show cooking tapas, wine tasting, flamenco dancing, beach clubbing, a torch lit march and a donkey ride! Little green peppers were […]

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New Beach Club!!!


The heat is still on in Mallorca! A Swedish celebrity said ”I Do” in plus 35 degrees centigrade at a brand new beach club! We were not the organizers, but we certainly did visit the new beach club in the heat Swedish-Italian Emilio Ingrosso, who owns the La Perla restaurant in Santa Catalina in Palma,  […]

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Wild Wedding Tips 2015!


What’s in on the wedding front for 2015? We have no crystal ball, but some trends are looking very hot! Unexpected Castles and Estates are in, along with the Wild West Style, the Glamorous Farm House Look and an unexpected one : Wedding Jumpsuits for brides! Mallorca is full of stunning castles and estates that […]

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Amazing Party Venues In Mallorca

What a busy time we have had these past seven days! With temperatures well over 30 degrees and a large amount of parties and events to organise, we certainly have had our work cut out for us. We hope you will enjoy seeing some of the fruits of our labour in today’s photos that display […]

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