Mallorca Light


The darkness of some world events make us long for the light. Mallorca is filled with it – may it remain so forever. We mourn the victims of atrocity. The world is an increasingly dangerous placeto be in – so we must all try to find peace. This November Mallorca enjoyed endless days of sunshine, […]

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Bring Your Team To Mallorca


Come to Mallorca with your closest team mates at sensible prices. Whether you want a work related visit, a training trip or a attending a self development course, we know where to go. In fact, this Swedish-owned villa near Alcudia offers a slice of heaven for all of the above! And in the summertime it’s […]

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Second Spring Is In October In Mallorca’s Tramuntana M...


Mallorca’s amazing mountain range Tramuntana in western Mallorca is a wonder all the year round. The natural beauty and culture of this stunning area inspired UNESCO to give the Tramuntana mountains World Heritage status. Around this time of year, in October, both islanders and visitors get to enjoy the second spring of the year with […]

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Inspirational Images

CHOOSE MALLORCA MAGIC FOR YOUR COLLEAGUES Taking a mountain hike In the UNESCO World Heritage area of the Tramuntana mountains in Mallorca, hiking with your group is a truly fantastic experience that will inspire you all to new coporate acheivements.

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