Lucia and Light

Europe is supposed to be at its darkest around the 13th of December.

In Mallorca we don’t feel deprived of the light – we still have so much sunshine.

When the Swedes celebrate the Saint Lucia at Plaza Cort in Palma to celebrate the light, we all love to join in, however.

They say it is always darkest before dawn. Jus as the light begins to filtre through and the sun is on its way, I love to go for my early morning walk. This time of the year we get some amazing sunrises and sunsets, ast you can see above.

There are some 3.000 plus light-loving Swedes living in Mallorca. We all enjoy celebrating the light-filled ceremony around Santa Lucia on December the 13th. The tradition is so well known in Mallorca. The Lucia procession with lots of lovely school children singing, Christmas stands with glögg, gingerbread and lovely Lucia buns fill the Plaza Cort square outside the town hall every year on this day. Palma is especially beautiful and friendly at this time of the year.

Christmas has come to our fine hotels as well, and right now we are busy planning for visiting groups next year. Some of our lovely clients come over for tastings of the excellent food we suggest they should have at their events.

What a delight it is for us to have so many good chefs to offer our visiting friends! Seeing everyone happy in the sunshine makes it even better. You should come to Palma in December to enjoy life in the light!

Have a good week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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