Mountain Fun

Just 20 minutes from Palma a superb day of mountain fun awaits you!

La Reserva Aventura, Puig Galatzó,  is the perfect combination of nature and fun.

Beauty, excitement, animals and team building fun are available too!

Going for a a hike in the mountains is always great in Mallorca. If you have young members of your team you may need a bit more interesting stuff to sustain them, however!

At La Reserva Aventura near Puigpunyent in Mallorca, young ones have the opportunity of seeing brown bears, emus, peacocks and peahens, goats, sheep, birds of prey and many other animals on a lovely mountain walk past waterfalls, mountain tops and sublime valleys.

As you near the centre of your hike, a ”village” of sorts, with a cafeteria, a restaurant and several interesting animal additions, take centre stage. Here you can enjoy a BBQ, a tapas feast or just have a cup of coffee and an ensaimada.

This is where the centre spot for group activities is to be found. People meet here to enjoy a big paella or a suckling pig feast.

From here the groups carry on to the Amazon-like hanging bridges, the zip-glides and the team buildig fun!

For all parents, may you be the family-style kind or the corporate version, this spot is pure gold!

Both the young and the old enjoy the beauty of the natural spot and the visits to the animal pens along with the great hunting shows with the birds of prey. The food is rustic, but adequate, and the fun your team will be having is boundless!

Enjoy your stay!

Charlotte von Proschwitz



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