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Magicmed DMC – passionate about Mallorca events and conferences

With hundreds of event days a year to plan and ten years’ experience on the job, the staff at Magicmed DMC is always busy creating amazing Mallorca experiences for corporate and privat clients. The passion for events and for Mallorca is what drives us!
Magicmed is an event and travel agency, authorized under the number BAL 594, run by highly experienced Scandinavian and British meeting and event professionals.

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Magicmed DMC, Agencia de Viajes y Eventos S.L – BAL 594
An event and travel agency and a destination management company

Call: +34687934707
Email: Charlotte von Proschwitz – charlotte@magicmed.com
Websites: Magicmed.com – Mallorca-weddingplanners.com


Charlotte von Proschwitz, a journalist and communications executive, is Magicmed.com’s main project manager. After ten years within event management in Mallorca and the French Riviera, and after five consecutive years of journalism and conference management in New York City, Charlotte creates all types of events from small Board of Directors’ incentives to big weddings, meetings, seminars and large conventions and congresses in Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona.


Paul Betts, a versatile businessman with CEO experience from the UK, is in charge of the British market. He is also very active within the ecological movement. ”Join us in our effort to help the planet. With just 1,6 % more carbon in the soil we can eradicate the risk of Global Warming. Grow grasses! Manage grazing! This takes away greenhouse gases and sequesters carbon to the soil,” says Paul. Choosing an internationally applicable CSR-project that creates new jobs, promotes sustainability and locally grown food, will unite your group behind an important mission that does wonders for your corporate image too.

International collaborators

Our pool of international collaborators assist us with all our faraway guests at three destinations – Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs as we prepare their events. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.


VÄLKOMNA till oss på Magicmed med era konferenser, incentives och events på Mallorca, Ibiza och i Barcelona! Vi förmedlar ert budskap medan vi aktiverar ert team i de härligaste miljöer.

Destinationer: Mallorca, Ibiza and Barcelona

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Languages: English, Swedish, Spanish, French, German

Magicmed DMC, Agencia de Viajes y Eventos S.L. BAL 594

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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