The group was super happy! Many of them said that the catamaran trip was the best activity they have ever done! Many thanks for your help. We will be back with more groups in the near future.

Anna Schnyder, Reseexperten

30 May - 2 June 2019


admin@magicmed.com, http://www.magicmed.com

'Time is flying, and soon it will be time for next year's conference.

We were very happy with your suggestions last year and look forward to seeing what you have lined up for us for next year's conference.

We would like to book two dinners. They could be held at the same restaurants as last year. We have also discussed the possibility of arranging an excursion for the participants and look forward to getting some nice suggestions from you so that we can discuss it further.''

Kind regards,

Linda Evans Thörnqvist, Customer Service Accounting, Ant International

''Nu går tiden med stora steg fram till nästa års konferens.

Vi var mycket nöjda med dina förslag förra året och ser framemot vad du har att föreslå i år.

Vi behöver boka två middagar, gärna på samma ställen som förra året.  Sedan har vi diskuterat möjligheten att ordna en utflykt till deltagarna och ser gärna att du kommer med förslag om lämpliga alternativ.

 Ser framemot att höra ifrån dig med alla goda förslag så vi kan bolla vidare.''

Med vänlig hälsning,

Linda Evans Thörnqvist, Customer Service Accounting, Ant International


I would like to send you a big thank you note.
All the arrangements you made for our group were very good indeed.

Thomas Kruuse, Chairman of the board Brim,

Our participants were extremely complimentary to you for your planning and assistance during our educational conference in Palma. Everyone I have spoken to was pleased with the excellent programme and the great guiding you provided us with, and also with your charming staff. We hope that you take joy in learning how pleased we are with all your arrangements for us.

Ingrid Norén Sime Life Business School,