Incentives and team-building

Inspiring team-building programmes and great experiences

When your team share an experience or activity together, they forge new bonds, find new areas of common ground and feel refreshed, inspired and appreciated.  Whether you are looking to work hard and build your corporate vision or to build your team dynamics, the perfect itinerary will combine work and play. Our team-building activities enable you to   help your high-performers to bond and develop their personal potential in perfect surroundings.
Take off on group activities such as sailing, hiking, canyoning in the mountains, zip-gliding or paragliding, ballooning, kite surfing, stand-up paddle boarding, Beach Olympics and more. Join in during the harvesting at a prize-winning vineyard and sample the island's  excellent wines, enjoy cooking demonstrations and savour local gourmet food, go truffle-hunting and share great entertainment and cultural experiences to inspire, reward and reinvigorate your teams.