A Mallorcan Vineyard Village!

We have fallen in love with another amazing place in Mallorca!

This vineyard village has the essence of times past with every modern amenity. Even in February it is beautiful and accommodating.

The large gardens, the village centre and the excellent party room are top spots for events, and the wines are wonderful!

If hobbits were larger they would live in a charming village such as Biniagual. It is no more than a hamlet, really, and consits of 14 houses and a chapel. History takes it back to when the Moors ruled Mallorca and when intelligent irrigation systems were installed to turn the island into a green garden. When the Spanish Conquistadors came in 1229 olive trees and grapes were planted again, just as in Roman times. It prospered until the Phylloxera insects affected the vines and for many years the hamlet was a ruin.

The current owners bought it in 1968 and have lovingly restored it to the perfect place it is today – with fine internationally praised wines, lovely olive oil and a wonderful atmosphere. Adding the possibility of doing events at this wonderful place is a tremendous gift and we highly recommend it.

Exclusive weddings, corporate events, wine tastings, group gatherings and incentives can be held here through us at Magicmed.com

If the authorities grant the permissions necessary we can even organise the dining in the main street.

This is one of Mallorca’s true wonders.

Enjoy your week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz



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