Eco Chic Mallorca

A beautiful house close to the sea in the middle of the Mallorcan wilderness is a rare and lovely thing.

It was basic at best for many years, until the owners decided to reform it.

Luckily they chose to use old and ecologically sound ideas for the improvement – we call it Eco Chic!

Mallorca is filled with beautiful natural resources. If you live near the sea you can find sea bleached driftwood and attractive stones to use in your interior decorating. With some tender loving care such items can bring out the beauty of an old house in ways one might never have imagined.

Take a look at the drain above. It was made from a large conch seashell! It now serves as the drain to an old stone washbasin, which in turn has been placed on an old beam that hides the waterpipes. In a corner of the room, under the old wooden beams, a branch of driftwood has become the perfect perch for some clothes hangers. Goodbye wardrobes!

To head your way back after a dip in the natural swimming pool, your wet feet can cross the grass on some rustic but smooth bits of treetrunk.

The old kitchen has been revamped with nice wooden knobs and some old tiles, and the minimalist bedrooms are naturally decorated with beautiful sunlight.

Have a bath in an old fashioned bathtub, or head straight to the gorgeous sea for a swim and look for more decorative driftwood…

Enjoy your week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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