Exploring Mallorca!

What an amazing week for discovering new sublime places in Mallorca!

This lovely Ibiza-style villa in the South West of Mallorca is one of them.

A truly charming Mallorcan finca is the other huge find for our clients!

About 25 minutes from Palma we discovered one of the island’s many superb finca farm houses. A lot of them have transformed into agrotourism hotels, 5 star palace hotels or ace private abodebut there is still a large treasure of authentic enchanting old buildings scattered all over Mallorca.

The finca we found on Wednesday is especially nice, and has been lovingly cared for by its owner for many a year. As of this year it is available to rent, and sleeps up to 24 guests. There is a huge lawn for dining, yoga and more, a pool, a large barn and a charming old house with air conditioning everywhere, and new guestrooms in the old stables too.

The finca is very privileged as it is sublimely rural and has both sea and mountain views. Really lovely!

We have been furtunate enough to accompany lovely clients on venue visits as well. For us this means enjoying places we already know and love – but exploring them all over again is just as much fun, especially when you are looking at the possibilities there for what the clients want to do.

A small gorgeous boutique hotel in a restored finca mansion is one possibility for our clients’ three day event. They loved it! Another amazing boutique hotel in yet another of these stunning finca mansions was visited with the clients, and they were really impressed with that one too!

They have a couple of days now in which to decide. And we are taking them on another tour tomorrow to see some other top spots on the island.

Decisions, decisions.

Have a lovely week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz



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