Fiesta In Palma – Again!

Did anyone think party time in Mallorca was over after the Three Kings on January 5th?
No, we have just got started! With the patron saint of farm animals, St Anthony, just being celebrated in Palma we now head for the biggest celebration of all – San Sebastian!

It’s sunny and beautiful in Palma with blue skies and around 10 degrees, which is on the cold side for us, even in January. Above 600 metres some snow has fallen on the island, and everyone is in overcoats by now except some of our foreign visitors!
This is the time when a great number of Mallorcan towns and villages celebrate St Anthony, when animals are blessed by their patron saint. All over the island bonfires are lot, and a great witching night with lots of people dressed up as devils and many drums rolling is enjoyed by all!

The devils are a symbol of human temptation, and many of the songs that are sung are actually a little erotic and risqué… Because what happens around the bonfire with the devils seems to stay there…
Once we have enjoyed the great parties of St Anthony, Palma invites us to the biggest celebration of the year – when our city’s patron saint St Sebastian is celebrated. The celebrations last for a week, but the main celebratory night is the 19th of January, with a day off for most people on the 20th of January.

On the night of the 19th, celebrated ever since the 17th century, almost every single square in Palma’s centre has a stage on it. Many musicians play until the early morning hours. People grill botifarron sausages and other delicacies around the squares on open fires. Come and enjoy bonfires, dancing and merrymaking  everywhere, see the fireworks and check out the symbol of human temptation – lots of scary little devils, of course :-)
Photographs by Hannah Pagem Claire Hyde and more

Enjoy your week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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