Have A Party!

Why not have a party and invite your friends, colleagues and family to Mallorca?

Perhaps you have a big birthday coming up, want to tie the knot or enjoy fun days with your fellow workers. We can help!

Having a party in Mallorca is great!

There are lots of ways of organising events in Mallorca. People who are lucky enough to own a home might want to have their celebration there, others might opt for a special event venue, a hotel or a restaurant.

One great way of having a party in Mallorca is to rent a villa where parties are allowed. Naturally you have to enquire about that before renting a house as it may not be ideal to throw parties at that location.

Nowadays people are open to parties being held in their rental villas if those renting have the right kind of help and support in organising it all. If you turn to us at Magicmed.com we have some plus 30 gorgeous villas on our books that allow weddings and parties to be held there.

This nice villa in today’s blog is located near Pollenca in northern Mallorca.It has views of the mountains and views of a lovely valley. Sheep graze nearby, and the area is very peaceful, rural and secluded. A little bit of music won’t disturb the neighbours easily here.

Our Swedish clients Cecilia and Mikael found this villa on the internet and asked us to have a look at it for them. Would it be good for their wedding of around 50 guests? We visited it and concluded it would be great.

We recommended excellent caterers, a warm and sincere celebrant, a top guitarist, a great photographer, a gifted baker and an ace hair and makeup artist, got the flowers, furniture and decorations organised, brought in sound equipment and got the plan of the day and the evening together.

The day before the wedding we met Cecilia and Mikael with friends and family at the villa to go through the events of the day, and to discuss where the various things would be located. It’s important to us that you like what we are planning for you, and your input is essential to the results. Celebrant Paul was there to to run through the personalized ceremony with the clients. It all seemed fine and we had a good laugh together. There was just one little problem on the horizon – there would possibly be a little rain on the day!

Yes, it did rain on Friday the 12th of June, 2015. At around noon it was back to being sunny and hot again, and we thought we had seen the end of the rain. But no! At about 2.30pm the skies literally opened and floods and floods came down for more than an hour. Luckily everyone was very laid back. At about 4 pm the sun came back. We dried the furniture, put out the sound equipment, started decorating everywhere much too late, of course, and had to run a lot to get everything together before 5 pm when the guests arrived.

But we got it done and happily organised the rest while the guests were enjoying their cava and canapés.

And no more rain on the day :-) Just sunshine and happiness!

Enjoy your week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz



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