Mallorca Light

The darkness of some world events make us long for the light. Mallorca is filled with it – may it remain so forever.

We mourn the victims of atrocity. The world is an increasingly dangerous placeto be in – so we must all try to find peace.

This November Mallorca enjoyed endless days of sunshine, 25 +, soft living and kindness. Come and share this with us!

Just going for a morning walk in Palma is a pure joy.

I am feeling particularily gushing about Mallorca right now because I just returened from  a trip to the dark and damp northern parts of Europe. After a visit like that it is easy to understand why light therapy is used for treating depression, once you arrive back on the island. All the sun we have in Mallorca immediately turns into inner brightness and joy once we arrive back at the airport!

The photos in today’s post were all taken mid-November. They are all filled with light and tranquility. Meanwhile, our world has seen far too many atrocious terrorist attacks and we are all in need of more light in every sense of the word. Over here we are not feeling unaffected or distant where the horrors are concerned. We are feeling truly grateful of what we have, and we are hoping that our lovely island will always remain the same – a peaceful haven for many to rest in.

All over the island we have the luxury of enjoying a wonderful evening in the company of good friends, without worrying about security issues. Mallorca is multi-cultural in history as well as in modern culture. Trying new internationally interesting restaurants is a passion many of us residents share. In all ways, wishing to comprehend another culture’s taste and outlook is important to us over here.

We tried a new Korean restaurant recently, Bimil, above, and found the design and staff to be excellent. The food was good, but in all honesty Bimil’s sister restaurant, Bibap, at much more reasonable prices, is superior, in accordance with our taste. Find out what you think!

Welcome to Mallorca!

Enjoy your week

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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