Mallorca Magic

My favourite thing to do is to go visiting all over Mallorca. On the job or off.

This island is fantastic, so varied and beautiful, and we never get tired of showing people how great it is. Join us for a quick tour of last week’s visits!          

A lot of our clients want to go to the beach when they come to Mallorca, and many of them want to enjoy parties and events on the beach also. Luckily there are some amazing places to show off!

One lovely couple wanted to visit country mansions with style – this was one of them!

Rustic and simultaneously very elegant charm with sea views and amazing gardens was next :-)

A perfect place for amazing events! Or just for a glass of fizzy water in the shade…

Part of the joy of driving in the lovely Tramuntana mountains is all the views of the sea!

We also visited a the great Bendinat Castle with some Spanish-Rushian-American clients who decided to go ahead and book it.

Enjoy your week :-)

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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