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Palma keeps getting more and more amazing palace hotels.

This creates a great buzz, protects lovely old buildings and allows people from all over the world to enjoy yesterday’s lifestyle in a new version.

Join us on a tour of the gorgeous Sant Fransesc Hotel Singular.

In the middle of the square, next to the beautiful church with the same name, you will find the lovely palace hotel Sant Fransesc.

Go to the reception area and take in a whiff of the great atmosphere. Check out the bar, the large gardens and make sure to have a bite in the restaurant. Please don’t forget to visit the roof terrace with the views. What a place!

Sant Francesc is one of around 20 delightful palace hotels in Palma.

And more are on their way. Just in the area of Sant Jaume three new palace hotels are being built. With them new restaurants and bars will pop up too, and the interest in good real estate for accommodation purposes will rise as well.

We followed the reforms as they happened in Hotel Sant Francesc with the hotel’s excellent manager Ilka Karl. What was formerly an old and tattered neoclassical mansion is now a shiny and elegant beauty.

In Palma a project has been launched to save as many old beautiful buildings as possible. Lodging hotels in fine palaces is part of that process. A lot of foereign investors are involved, many of them of Swedish origin. Pioneers such as Mats Wahlström, who built Puro Hotel Urbano in several fine palaces, have paved the way, and Ture Stendahl, one of the men behind Hotel Tres and Hotel Cort, have shown others the way.

The largest of Palma’s palace hotels is Sant Francesc with 42 rooms and suites. On the walls you will find not only original frescos, but also modern art and lovely photographs. The food in the restaurant is based on Mediterranean cuisine with some modern notes, and if you believe what people are saying there could be a future Michelin star to be awarded at some time. Who knows?

Have a lovely week!

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Charlotte von Proschwitz

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