Something Old, Something New…

Our week has had a theme of the old wedding saying ”something old, something new…”

The old part was represented by a more than 100 year old Mallorcan finca, and the new by a cushy boutique hotel.

Both big wows in their own right. Mallorca is amazing!

As we are in the event business we are all about creating the perfect ambiance for our clients.

Often we have only a couple of hours to make the transformation happen. A stony terrace will become a luxurious ballroom with the wave of a magical wand (and with loads of creative thinking and lifting too…).

A blend of vintage style and elegance was the norm, and a bit of rustic was thrown in to make the venue work. The result was a great success. The bride and groom said ”Thank you so much, dear Charlotte, our wedding was so much more amazing than any of our expectations had forseen. It was all great, and the decoration and flowers were especially amazing.”

Thanks for the use of the wonderful photos above, Ana García.

We were also fortunate enough to get a private booking for the exclusivity of a brand new boutique hotel in Mallorca, and got to visit it to prepare for the event.

The hotel has a filmstar feel to it and a South Beach Miami vibe too. Portals Hils is near Puerto Portals. It has 31 rooms. You can rent the hotel exclusively and organise parties in the night club…

Our clients are looking forward to their stay in May 2016, and we are looking forward to organising their event days too.

Have a great week!

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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