Sunshine – almost every day!

We are incredibly fortunate in Mallorca with more than 320 days of sunshine every year!

This summer we have enjoyed around 35 degree days for 2,5 months and non stop sun.

And one day the rain came. Two great weddings last week – one with sunshine and one with some spots of rain, but problems are to be solved, we think!

We think a nice cool welcome drink – a cava sangria, perhaps or water flavoured with lemons or passionfruit. It tastes great and as you gather round the drink dispensers you get talking to the other guests. The stunning views are one of the topics – especially in the stunning weather we had on Wednesday!

After the ceremony, the guests were eager to join the happy couple in lots of toasting in cava champagne! And wit was nice to munch on some amazing canapés too…

Meanwhile, photos were being shot in the sunset – lots and lots of photos as there really aretoo many great places to choose from with all those views!

Just one day after this perfect 35 degree day thunder and lightening arrived and we were prearing for another lovely wedding. Since we only have some 40 odd days without sunshine in Mallorca and we are now mid August this seemed strange, but after months of no rain it just has to come sometime.

We were so lucky! Justa few very light spots of water fell – and during none of the crucial moments :-)

We also got to use this charming venue’s elegant Plan B room for the first time – a real delight!

Enjoy this next week as much as we will :-)

Charlotte von Proschwitz

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