The Icon: Son Marroig!

Son Marroig is a Mallorcan icon.
The lovely mansion with the white temple near Deià is a magical place.
Biting winds, almond blossom and the first lambs of the year surround it in March. And very soon the strong heat, lots of amazing wedding flowers and the most sensational of sunsets will take over.

Austria’s Archduke Luis Salvador created hundreds of written chefs d’oeuvres and paintings depicting Mallorca a little over 100 years ago. Many of them can be studied at the museum in one of his many lovely homes, Son Marroig, near Deià.

The view from the balcony, terrace and temple is one of the loveliest this world has to offer. No wonder that so many wedding couples from all over the world want to say their vows just here.
At our wedding division is flooded with requests for Son Marroig. Of course we are more than delighted to help!
The venue is a little strange because there is no furniture and no decoration other than the temple, the building and the facade lighting that you can use for the event outside.
Everything has to be brought in.
Furniture, decoration, transport, flowers, manpower, catering, serving staff, lighting, musicians, bands, Djs, wedding cakes and everything else you can envisage needs to be brought in by us.

Last Saturday we visited Son Marroig with yet another wedding couple to start planning their wedding in June 2017. They were so happy and enthusiastic to visit the venue! Especially as they got to see almond blossom and white lambs on the terraces also.
Also, please enjoy some photos from Aura’s and Björn’s ceremony and wedding party that we organized in August last year.

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Enjoy your week!
Charlotte von Proschwitz

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